yoga [योग, yuj]  to yoke. unify. union of body, mind, spirit. union of self with pure consciousness, source, being.

your yoga is any practice you undertake that brings you to a state of peace and general goodfeeling. where you feel connected and in the flow of things, as though time and space and form no longer exist. what practices do you have that allow you to experience stillness, creativity, inner peace, connection?

Keah Yoga is the microcosmic offering of Katherine Hypes' practices in stillness & exploration of the body-mind. she’s just here to make you feel good, supported, restored, rested, connected. her classes and experiences are guided with the simple intention to help you remember who you are at your core, when there’s nothing else to distract you. she views teaching as her opportunity to show others how to guide themselves back home to their original nature and help them find confidence in listening to their own inner voice — that subtle guide who is always there but often muted or ignored by louder forces. you can expect to explore the physical body, your own places of tension and compression, and become accustomed to deeper states of peace, stillness, and relaxation so that you can re-access these states in your day-to-day life.

return home. meet yourself there.

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