14 Days of Nidra: a Global Experiment in Collective Home Practice

This group experiment is for those who are curious about practicing Yoga Nidra in the comfort of their own home (i.e., bed), every day for 2 weeks.

Intention: to establish (or re-establish) a regular home practice that gives you *restorative* rest, a reset to your nervous and endocrine systems, and general goodfeelings. THIS IS ALL FOR YOU. no one else. (but others in your external world may also notice the positive effects)

Format: practice Yoga Nidra at home 1x/day for 2 weeks. if you miss a day, so what. if you have to cut it short, also OK. the idea is to find ways to re-prioritize your day (aka prioritize yourself) and carve out time for it.

How does one practice? 
This entails laying yourself down on a bed or yoga mat for 20–40 min/day, in a *quiet space* without distractions, and with an eye mask or lightweight shirt sleeve to cover those eyes. that's it! you can use headphones with your smart phone or play the recording from your computer or external speaker.

Where do I find Yoga Nidra? 
There are lots and lots of amazing guided recordings online (YouTube) and on meditation apps (Insight Timer). I'll share my favorites in the group, but this is also an opportunity to go out & search for other Nidras. That way, we can pool resources, share our feedback and find ones that suit us best, individually :)

How much participation is required of me? 
As much or as little as you wish. It can be as simple as writing a ✓ and the date to let the group know you've completed your day. Or you can share something about your experience, ask questions, etc. I'm here for you as a resource.

We begin on Sunday, March 17th! 
leave a comment here or email me if you'd like to be added to the group

with ❤️